about company



1. KING OF INVEST build a system for payment gateway in Australia called KOI PAY. It is predicted as a breaking step of KOI to create solid foundation for a company which has the “World” vision.

ACN (business number): 639113858

Current name of Business: KOI PAY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD

Registration date: 14/02/2020

Company status: Registered

Entity type: Exclusive company in Australia, limited by shares.

2. KOI is collected from groups of ICT, get exact results and make a forecast in future

The database which KOI collected are also the valuable resources for any Startup company to find. Based on that, KOI control the “Super” trade funds, and by that KOI catch all the smart tools helps you to find any information and forecast the accurate results to 90%.

KOI use POOL OF TALENT (scan the potential candidates) to be market leader

3. Near future Technology: Complex software system with Huge database about users:

  • - Face recognition technology
  • - Reports, periodic health checks
  • - Report activity and living indicators - give a future forecast.

4. Investment links:

Green energy biotechnology.

Education foundation.

Do a “High-end” deals

5. Sharp market tools:

  • - Do perform forex - cryptocurrency transactions.
  • - Operating the fund to be flexible.
  • - Create a 6.8 million revenue daily
  • - Bring 85% of profit is for market and 15% for investing and cooperation
  • - Work 24/7 with currency development fund.
  • - Incorporating economics leverages.
  • - Create a space which support low expenses for free business maket

6. Attractive earning profit: the diversification in cooperation make KOI has a great Profit and that is why KOI can have a solid foundation to develop very strong worldwide.

2020 is a leaping step for KOI in EX transactions CRYPTO and FOREX industry. All our transactions are real transactions and based on available database system. Customer is easy to catchup and manipulate when they cooperate with KOI

7. Join Cryptocurrency market:

NEW TREND, NEW OPPORTUNITY Blockchain has totally changed traditional financial model, it cause all traditional bank to face lots of big threats At the same time, the continuously growth and rapid development of cryptocurrency has become a new trend of Financial perspectives. Access and find out all information about cryptocurrency and blockchain to see the crazy changes of this market. Join Forex market: we prove our unique system can exist and last for long time. Always perform on dashboard, you can see our Artificial intelligence algorithm is working in the real time by finding investment and profit earned from each user activity.

8. WHY CHOOSING US: a system which make high profit is available for everyone. A revolutionary method for SMART investing in assets by experts.

  • - PROFITABILITY: all systems work for maximizing efficiency and profit
  • - DAILY INCOME: KOI foundation make income for you everyday except weekends.
  • - HIGH-END TECHNOLOGY: have many years in research and develop BOT KOI with the brand new technology.

9. OUR UNIQUE: Are you finding a platform for cryptocurrency? You are so lucky because we are providing range of investment portfolio, a complete form for cryptocurrency. We not only decide to accept all transactions by cryptocurrency but aim to simplify all your transactions for other businesses.

High profit

We will pay attractive bonus everyday


The only foundation on market have integrated with blockchain

Great liquidity

All valid commands are automatically solved

Easy to operate

Investment can be in USDT and ETH

10. Cooperation for our development:

IF KOI is a great investment, let your friends know and meet us to earn money together. And when you want to have a great career you will know how to have a professional presentation and seriously with KOI

11. Cooperation for development: LET MONEY WORKS RIGHT AS THEIR OWN FUNCTION.

12. CUSTOMER SERVICES Provide and support for all branch and investors all around the world 24/7.